10 reasons why hedge funds need a great pitchbook

Whether you’re an established or emerging manager, a stellar pitchbook summarizes the most compelling reasons to invest in your fund, and forms the foundation of your sales and engagement strategy with stakeholders.

If you’re in the process of launching a fund or looking to revamp your marketing efforts, here are the biggest reasons why you need to create the best-possible pitchbook content and design.

1. Highlights the opportunity

Great pitchbooks clearly define the market areas your fund is focused on, support the opportunity through stats and figures and emphasize why now is the time to invest.

2. Sets your fund apart

There may be a long list of distinguishing factors, but honing in on the most appealing competitive advantages that your fund brings will enhance your pitch to investors.

3. Showcases the team

Investors want to see that there is relevant professional experience backing everything up. Effectively highlighting career accomplishments, expertise and high-level skills is essential.

4. Underscores your philosophy

Your overall process is driven by a distinct set of beliefs, otherwise known as an investment philosophy. This should be sharply outlined and served as the rationale for how you will succeed.

5. Breaks down the process

Piecing together all the vital components of the approach – e.g., sourcing, screening, investment selection, etc. – in a compelling investment process is critical to helping investors understand how you’ll generate returns.

6. Tells your origin story

Every hedge fund has a story. Whether it is founded upon a particular investment belief, driven by leadership’s illustrious skillset or represents a “meeting of advanced minds” – sharing this with investors will convey a strong foundation.

7. State your mission

Pitchbooks are a chance to succinctly communicate your commitment to investors and how you’ll consistently deliver results – through a concise mission or value statement.

8. Plug your culture

Perhaps it’s through collaboration, debate or proprietary research – sharing what makes your work environment unique and how you come up with great investment ideas is worthy of mention.

9. Emphasize your track record

If you have a solid track record, then sharing it is a given. Great pitchbooks isolate the most appealing aspects of performance history – through a creative design and persuasive content.

10. Call out potential

If you’re growing or launching your fund, you may not have a track record to share. But you can still call out performance from previous roles or professional accomplishments that directly lend to potential performance ahead.

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A great pitchbook is important to every hedge fund manager’s success

Raising capital to launch a hedge fund isn’t easy. No matter how experienced you and your team are, or how great an investment philosophy or strategy you have, there’s always plenty of competition when selling your idea.

Having a great pitchbook can help. Here are four good reasons why:

Helps you stand out from the crowd

When you meet with investors, chances are they’ll have already met with a number of other managers before you that day. And further, chances are they’ll be meeting with many more managers afterwards.

That’s just what investors do. The most important way you can cut through the clutter is by being confident, having a strong message, and then leaving them with a pitchbook that looks great, reads well and truly reflects what you do.

Tells people a lot more about your firm than you can in a one-hour meeting

With the number of new and novel investment strategies introduced each year, hedge funds have gotten more complex.

Chances are an hour isn’t enough time to fully explain your history, investment strategy, process, etc. to investors. And getting into the weeds is often a fast track to losing your audience. It’s best to give them a solid overview in your meeting, and then leave a great pitchbook behind so they have all the details they need afterwards.

Something to remember you by

We’ve all been there. After an afternoon of meetings before you arrive, an investor may just not be as attentive as you’d like during your pitch. And you leave feeling like your message didn’t get through to them because they’re too busy thinking about what they should do for dinner.

A professionally built pitchbook can help you tell your story through strong copy and elegant design, and is something they’ll likely remember long after they’ve eaten dinner that night.

Shows you’re totally committed to your company

The investors you meet with have likely seen hundreds of pitchbooks that were hastily written by managers who had other priorities and that were designed by a nephew in college.

A professionally written and designed pitchbook shows investors that you have put in the effort to think through your firm and its funds, and are committed to building the strongest company with the strongest brand. Those things really do matter to people who are trusting you with their – and their clients’ – capital.

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