Wealth advisor website marketing

How wealth advisors can become thought leaders and generate leads online

A wealth advisor’s website is an important tool, but one that’s often overlooked. A website isn’t just a place where clients and prospects can learn more about you and your team. It is also a powerful tool advisors can use to establish their thought leadership brand and attract prospective clients.  

By posting the right content, your website can appear higher in Google searches, making it easier for potential clients to find you. This increased visibility can translate into new client acquisitions.  

Advisors can better attract inbound leads by following these four steps to posting search engine optimized (SEO) website content: 

1. Identify your audience.  

Create a target audience profile using your specific industry niche as a guide. Identify target client characteristics, including demographics, age, gender, income, etc. Read more about developing marketing personas here

2. Determine where your audience is – both digitally and geographically.  

Join digital forums where you can engage with potential clients through online groups in which they participate. Consider exploring LinkedIn and Facebook groups.  

Update and maintain your offsite SEO. This will increase your credibility and legitimacy. Keep your Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. accounts updated with the latest information about your business, including address, target area and contact information. This will also make you visible to potential clients on Google Maps and Google Reviews.   

Utilize geotargeting. You can reach relevant customers by including location information on your website and social profiles. Update your About Us, History and Contact information. Include location-specific keywords in your articles and posts.  

3. Identify the content your audience wants.  

Capture the attention of potential clients by identifying the keywords they tend to search for. Identifying keywords can take time. Prepare to test your choices to determine which ones best suit your target audience. 

Take advantage of negative keywords. By adding negative keywords, you can filter out unwanted traffic to your website and increase your return on investment.  

4. Develop relevant and engaging content.  

Integrate your keywords. Relevant and timely content will grab the attention of both target clients and search engines. Develop content based on insights from your keyword testing insights. Match your content to what your audience is searching for. 

Use a strong and specific call to action, urging readers to follow through a particular path – whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or scheduling a call.  

Digital engagement is a long process. It may take months to see any results, but is crucial for wealth advisors when maximizing the benefits of their website and boosting their brand presence to generate prospects. Partnering with a digital marketing agency like Ext. Marketing will ensure your brand regularly distributes relevant content that harnesses SEO and drives conversions so that you can spend time growing your clients’ wealth. Contact us today at info@ext-marketing.com to get started.