Our objective is to articulate your message, bring innovative & creative ideas to the table and maximize your brand to help you grow.

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Branding, Naming & Messaging

Today, about 80% of a stock’s value is tied to its brand. We can help you develop your brand from scratch or build your brand equity. We take a holistic approach that considers all elements of your brand experience – including key messaging, firm or product naming, logo development and building a visual identity. We give you a look and feel that reflects your core value proposition and enables you to tell your story in a clear and concise manner. Let us help you build a recognizable and positive image for your company – one that you will be proud of for many years.
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Marketing & Business Strategy

Our seasoned team of strategists will help you assess your current strategy – including what is working today and what needs to be implemented to help you move the needle. Our approach involves interviews with key stakeholders, defining goals and KPIs, assessing your delivery channels and auditing your materials. What you get is a concise roadmap that perfectly aligns with your company’s goals, budget and timelines.

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Thought Leadership

Content is in our DNA. We understand how to build content strategies that engage, educate and drive your desired audience to act. We start by understanding your firm’s objectives, audiences, channels, content pillars, cadence and output options to create an integrated content plan. And we have the process and scale to help you deliver on the most demanding content pipeline. We are experts in helping our clients develop execution-ready editorial calendars and governance plans to ensure highly engaging content and consistency. From research (using our in-house Bloomberg Terminal) to annual reports to white papers to blogs and snackable social media posts, we are your one-stop content shop.

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Investment & Market Commentaries

Ext. Marketing has decades of experience writing industry-leading market updates; daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual investment commentaries; and annual market outlooks & reviews. We interpret data using quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to accurately convey information, reflect your voice and deliver market-ready content in a timely fashion.

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Web Design, Development & SEO

We design and build websites, microsites and landing pages that amplify your brand, as well as convert and engage clients. We have a proven process that will help bring your brand to life and make a seamless connection between the virtual world and real life. Starting with your digital strategy, we quarterback the process by bringing in experts in UX, SEO, content, design and development to build a website that delivers a premium client experience.

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Videos & Podcasts

Great videos captivate – and teach. A recent report found that 73% of respondents preferred to learn about a product or service through video. That’s because videos are the perfect way to bring your brand to life and explain complex topics in simple, engaging ways. Podcasts are also an effective way to promote corporate thought leadership and add value to your organization. Ext. Marketing has a team of writers, designers, voiceover talent and videographers that produce award-winning, quality videos and podcasts to engage your target audience, regardless of your timeline or budget.

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Digital Strategy

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness or generate leads, our digital team will help you define your KPIs and design a campaign that will bring results. We start by creating a campaign journey that is designed to drive action. We then develop your campaign assets, including ads, landing pages and lead magnets using digital engagement best practices such as A/B testing. Once your campaign is in-market, we don’t stop. Our creative and activation teams work hand-in-glove to continually optimize your campaign assets to increase your campaign’s performance.

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Media Buying & Performance Analytics

Our media planners know how to find your audiences and have access to a robust media platform. In addition to programmatic and social ad buys, we have cultivated unique relationships you can’t get from other agencies: Financial Influencer Platform, Private Marketplaces, Capital Markets Databases, PR Boosting Toolkit. All campaign data is aggregated into our reporting dashboard so we can measure success and optimize your content in real-time – so you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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Design Production Services

Ext. Marketing’s production design team offers day-to-day tactical support, including updates to your factsheets, pitchbooks, brochures and other sales collateral. We know how to provide the highest-quality updates for all your materials because this is our space.

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Advisor Marketing

Ext. Marketing’s talented team of professional designers have expertise in brand development, web design, UX and UI, advertising and marketing, motion graphics, animation, video and more. Our strategic, collaborative approach to design begins with an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and goals. We create forward-looking, engaging materials to enable our clients to stand out and thrive in today’s competitive environment.

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Pitchbooks & Collateral

Your pitchbook is your calling card. Ext. Marketing specializes in creating effective pitchbooks that can support your capital-raising efforts and/or promote your investment strategies and products by clearly articulating your investment philosophy and edge. Our team of pitchbook writers and designers will help tell your story in an engaging way that will elevate your firm in the eyes of potential investors. We build clean, engaging presentations that are designed to illustrate your expertise, draw in your target audience and help grow your firm’s assets.