Corporate Branding

Today, almost 80% of a stock’s value is tied to its brand. Let us help you build a recognizable and positive image for your company. Our branding services will give you a look and feel that reflects your core value propositions and that you will be proud of.

Corporate branding is more than just creating a new logo. When we take on a branding project, we consider all parts of the brand experience – from your strategic positioning and key messages to your logo. We ensure you put your best foot forward, whether it’s your stationery and business cards, the signage on your door or your email signature.

We recommend starting with a key messaging exercise, where we consider your market position, trends, and other key factors. We make the process as short and painless as possible – and you will walk away being able to rhyme off your elevator pitch and value proposition, telling your story in a clear and concise manner.

Creative & Campaigns

Content is king – but it needs to be supported by strong creative and campaigns that leverage all relevant platforms. Our design team will give you ideas for infographics, ads and campaign materials that will garner attention and drive actions.

We can’t overstate the importance of high-quality design, especially in financial services, which is going through a renaissance from a once-bland market to a consumer-friendly and technology-driven industry. Creativity draws in people who may be skeptical. From videos to HTML infographics and beyond, our creative team is pushing the financial services industry forward.

When you launch a new service or solution, think about an integrated marketing campaign that spreads your message to audiences across many channels, from blog posts and native content to social media and advertising. Getting people’s attention has never been harder. Ext. knows your industry and audiences, and can help you create campaigns that generate tangible results.

Content & Strategy

Content is in our DNA. It’s all about getting the right content to the right user at the right time. We build content strategies to engage, educate and drive readers to act. We then deliver on your ongoing content needs to ensure your strategy is successful.

We’re working in a time of great change, where the status quo is being upended by massive technological disruption and paradigm shifts in client behaviour. Ext. will help you produce content that’s targeted, timely and engaging, and the strategy that will help your reach your audience.

We gain a deep understanding of how you’re using content and we find ways to make it work harder for you. We have the duel focus of educating your audience and building trust in your firm. We ensure your content gets in front of the right people and that it continues the conversation, giving your audience engaging next steps.

Websites & Blogs

A website should be a tool that engages clients. Our team writes content, designs and builds sites that deliver a premium client experience, drive engagement and help your firm grow. We also provide Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) services.

We create websites that build your brand identity, distinguishing your firm from its competitors. And, with a focus on SEO, we create websites that search engines can find, meaning your prospects will find you too.

Blogging is a great way to boost your website’s SEO, as search engines love fresh content. It’s a great way to build your reputation as an industry leader, because consistently sharing quality content will dramatically build your audience’s trust in you. Ext. has written thousands of blog posts for our clients. We’ll help you with all the back-end details as well, from assigning content roles to creating and implementing a content calendar.

Videos & Podcasts

Videos and podcasts are fast becoming the most effective ways to engage with your audiences. We combine our award-winning creativity with an air-tight process to optimize your story across these mediums.

Great videos captivate – and teach. Videos are the perfect tool to explain complex topics and products. They can be “snackable” content used for social media campaigns or a video series to keep people coming back. By working with ext., you don’t have to get bogged down by a complex production process involving writers, illustrators, voiceover talent, location scouting and videographers. We take care of all that for you.

People who exercise and/or commute – and that’s a lot of people – love podcasts. Podcasts can be a brief 10 minutes or an epic three hours. They can be personality driven i.e., focused on interviews. Or, they can be educational, getting to the heart of important issues. The market for podcasts is growing exponentially, and many financial services firms are already witnessing the value that podcasts can add to their organizations.

Social Media & Email Marketing

A marketing strategy is not a strategy without taking distribution into consideration. Whether it’s through social media or email, we create content that engages – while always maintaining your brand voice across all platforms.

A strong social media strategy will help deepen brand awareness for your firm. It’s also a cost-effective way to syndicate your content and get your message in front of a broader audience. It should also formalize “social listening” and consistent engagement to gain valuable customer insights.

Email marketing is targeted, easily sharable, measurable and cost effective. Sounds good, right? It is. We believe email marketing is particularly powerful in the financial services industry given its essential role in business communications. There are also significant benefits to segmenting your email lists, and getting specific messages in front of targeted audiences.

Presentations & Pitch Books

Your pitchbook is your calling card. It needs to be structured and designed in a way that shares a lot of information, yet engages the reader. Our financial writers and designers work in concert to deliver on this promise.

An effective pitchbook clearly articulates your investment philosophy, your process and – most importantly – your edge. Your edge is your unique value proposition and, along with a polished, impactful design, it’s what helps you stand out from your competitors. Ext.’s experienced writers and designers tell your story in an engaging way to help elevate your firm in the eyes of potential investors, helping you raise assets in the process.

When it comes to design, financial services firms aren’t just benchmarked to their competitors, they’re compared to every other company. That’s why there’s no reason to give tired, bland presentations. Ext. creates clean, engaging presentations that bring your intelligence to the forefront, draw your audience to your story and, ultimately, grow your firm’s assets.

Whitepapers & Publications

Strong content is at the heart of every sales and marketing initiative. Our team of writers includes CFAs who can produce deep-dive technical whitepapers, as well as email newsletters, articles and blogs.

We’re living in an era that emphasizes learning. A powerful way to engage an audience is through education. Whitepapers go deep on hot-button issues and prove your credibility – establishing you as a thought leader in your space. To get the right mix of technical know-how and creativity, you need to partner with an agency that can bring these two worlds together.

As content trends to a shorter, more visual format, ext. applies those lessons to inform our work on longer-form publications. The fund books and annual reports we produce have impactful copy, callouts, infographics and stunning overall graphic design, which ultimately increases audience engagement and amplifies your messages.


Today, people read less and “view” more. Give us a topic or theme and we will create an engaging, informative infographic in static or HTML format.

Personas & Client Experience

Who is your target audience? We use a data-driven approach to build personas that will drive your content and client experience.

With robust client personas, you gain a better understanding of your clients’ and prospects’ needs. We’ll work with you to create personas that drive consistent messages across your firm, and lay the groundwork for accurate measurement and analysis of your content efforts.

A strong focus on the client experience will help boost client engagement, advocacy and referrals. We will outline your firm’s client experience and create content that fits each step of the client journey, from first learning about your firm to, ultimately, advocating on your behalf.

Commentaries & Fund Sheets

We write monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual investment commentaries for asset and portfolio managers. We also design and lay out financial statements and fund sheets. Our team will project manage the process to ensure all deadlines are met and your content meets regulatory standards.

We interpret data using quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to explain the “why” behind your performance. Using strict processes and best practices, we create commentaries that accurately capture data, reflect your voice and are market-ready in a timely fashion.

Our investment commentary offering is customizable, which can help streamline your internal process each period. Outsourcing your investment commentaries has never made more sense.

Outsourced CMO

Our Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (“OCMO”) service is designed for smaller asset managers that don’t want the expense of staffing a marketing department. Our senior marketing strategists will work collaboratively with your executive team to develop and execute on a marketing plan that will grow your business.

Bringing on ext. as your OCMO is like adding a part-time executive to your team. Ext. brings a steady hand and deep industry knowledge that will ensure your strategy and its implementation always hit the mark.