Videos & Podcasts

Videos and podcasts are fast becoming the most effective ways to engage with your audiences. We combine our award-winning creativity with an air-tight process to optimize your story across these mediums.

Great videos captivate – and teach. Videos are the perfect tool to explain complex topics and products. They can be “snackable” content used for social media campaigns or a video series to keep people coming back. By working with ext., you don’t have to get bogged down by a complex production process involving writers, illustrators, voiceover talent, location scouting and videographers. We take care of all that for you.

People who exercise and/or commute – and that’s a lot of people – love podcasts. Podcasts can be a brief 10 minutes or an epic three hours. They can be personality driven i.e., focused on interviews. Or, they can be educational, getting to the heart of important issues. The market for podcasts is growing exponentially, and many financial services firms are already witnessing the value that podcasts can add to their organizations.