Top 10 marketing musts for hedge funds

You’re busy. But that doesn’t mean you can skip marketing – it’s just too important if you’re serious about raising assets.

Emerging and established managers tend to ask us the same questions. What are the right marketing steps I have to take? How can my brand truly represent who I am and what I do? Do I really need a website? When you work with ext., we can help you find the answers you need.

Here are 10 important things that you can do to ensure your fund is launched and/or operating on a solid marketing foundation:

  1. Design a pitchbook that works for your style of presenting – can you wing it or will you read from a page?
  2. Be yourself, not what you think allocators want you to be
  3. Learn how to tell your story
  4. Know your unique value proposition – be able to say it out loud
  5. Your pitchbook is essential – make sure it looks incredible and says the right things
  6. Know your audience – allocators, family offices, HNW investors, etc. all want to hear different things
  7. Always follow up and stay positive – not every meeting will go well and that’s okay
  8. It’s your business and your story – but it makes sense to bring in external marketing expertise to ensure your vision and your message are aligned
  9. Get out and market when things are going well – don’t wait until you’re facing adversity
  10. Understand that marketing is a profit center (not just an expense) – invest in marketing and it will drive sales


We know you’re busy and that’s why we kept this post short. If you’re too busy to implement these marketing best practices and truly set yourself apart, call us. We can help.

Contact us today at 1.844.243.1830 or info@ext-marketing.com to implement a solid marketing strategy and set your fund apart.