Monday morning briefing – July 29, 2019

Why financial institutions should focus on educating clients about digital banking. Preparing institutional portfolios for a market downturn. How mutual fund companies can adapt to the challenges they face. And much more in this week’s briefing.

Economic/industry news

U.S. GDP growth was 2.1% in the second quarter: GDP slows to 2.1% in second-quarter but beats expectations thanks to strong consumer

The ECB holds its central interest rate steady: ECB signals rate cut, QE ahead as global stimulus push picks up

What Prime Minister Johnson’s win could mean for Brexit: Johnson’s win elevates ‘no deal’ Brexit risks to U.K. economy

Facebook is not a favourite of ESG funds: Facebook getting booted from ESG index funds

Is there still more runway for global equities?: How long can the equity rally last? 

Value stocks are falling behind their growth counterparts: Value stocks haven’t traded this low in nearly half a century 

Preparing institutional portfolios for a market downturn: Are institutional portfolios prepared for the next market tumble?

The importance of manager research: Manager research matters even more than you think

News and notes (U.S.)

The forward redemption indicator for hedge funds declined in July: SS&C GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator at 2.69 per cent for July

Hedge fund assets that are invested based on ESG criteria are expected to grow: Hedge funds expect large jump in ESG assets

A look at the U.S. PE industry during the second quarter: Here are 9 charts that capture the US private equity industry in 2Q

Private markets may continue to grow: The expansion of private markets is irreversible

A look at some trends in the VC market: 21 charts showing current trends in US venture capital

Every company in the S&P 500 Index now has a female board member: The last all-male board in the S&P 500 finally added a woman

Home price inflation outpacing wages: American dream of owning a home out of reach for many, report says 

Mutual fund sales and performance over the past two weeks: Mutual funds scorecard: July 23 edition

News and notes (Canada)

Evolve to offer 5G technology category to one of its existing ETFs: Evolve adds a new category to innovation ETF offering

Responsible Investment Association launches marketplace website: RIA launches RI Marketplace

Mackenzie launches emerging markets bond ETF: Mackenzie taps into EM bond market growth

Net inflows of Canadian-listed ETFs increased in the second quarter: Net inflows drive Q2 rebound for Canadian-listed ETFs

The BoC decreased the qualifying mortgage rate: BoC lowers qualifying rate used in mortgage stress tests

Does the new North American trade agreement hurt Canada?: America comes first in revamped NAFTA, report says

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

Why financial institutions should focus on educating clients about digital banking: No guarantees digital banking will continue to grow

New types of jobs in financial services will emerge from new technologies: The brightest fintech minds could be right in your office

The who’s who of the fintech industry: Influential business leaders in the fintech industry

Helping small businesses at the point of sale: ING tests software that turns mobile phones into POS terminals

Insurers to increase RPA spend: Insurers to spend $634m on Robotic Process Automation by 2024, as efficiency gains are sought

Using AI to attract deposit growth: AI savings tools help financial brands boost organic deposit growth

Tracking financial markets while driving: TD Ameritrade rolls out car-based tools for investors

Digital advisor to offer chequing and savings accounts: Betterment moves into banking

Technology can help reduce costs for meeting AML requirements: Tech reduces anti-money laundering compliance costs: report

High-net-worth topics

The high-net-worth should consider a family budget: Why wealthy people need to follow a budget, too

The importance of helping clients with their wealth transfer: The key to managing client wealth transfers

Helping clients with their wealth and health: Giving clients health to enjoy their wealth

Polls & surveys – What financials are saying

The IMF expects weaker economic growth in 2019 (IMF): IMF sees a weaker global economy but upgrades U.S. forecast

How mutual fund companies can adapt to a variety of challenges (PwC): Mutual fund industry at a crossroads: PwC report

Women and men differ on their views of financial markets (Nationwide): Women less optimistic than men about the market: Nationwide

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