Involved in the commentary process? Ask these questions.

Although your commentary deliverables – from monthly marketing commentaries to annual MRFPs and everything in between – are always changing, one thing stays the same: they cause stress.

Timelines are rarely in your favour. And you’re likely juggling many cross-functional relationships. Add in tight budgets and global offices and you’re going to reach for the headache medication.

The commentary pros at Ext. Marketing Inc. are here to help. They’ve put together a series of questions to get you thinking proactively about your commentary deliverables:

1. Are you including the right information in your content requests and your output?

2. Keeping in mind that different commentaries may have different timelines, do you have enough time to deliver?

3. How can you get the information you need, faster?

4. Are you delivering the highest-quality work on a consistent basis?

5. Given the collaborative nature of the commentary process, how can you get everyone working together better?

6. Looking back at your last run through, is there a better way to manage this project?

7. Do your commentaries interrupt other marketing initiatives?

The most significant problem with regulatory work is that it’s both time consuming and time sensitive. That’s a bad combo that can result in significant challenges.

Another big issue with commentary work is that it’s cross functional. Your fund accounting, legal, compliance, investment, marketing, product and operations teams all likely have a hand in the process.

Finally, we get to the big, overarching question:

8. How can you improve your commentary process?

Although they may not be easy to answer, these eight questions will definitely help you focus on the right answers. And help you make dramatic improvements to your commentary process.

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