Commentary/MRFP roundup: June 2015

Commentary and MRFP season is in our sights. Here are some writing, editing and process resources to get you ready for the July rush.


Jargony phrases – and ways to keep them out of your commentaries
We all tend to use some jargon in conversation. But it’s best to keep that jargon – including highly technical terms – out of portfolio manager commentaries.

If you’re having trouble finding the right words to describe financial concepts without using jargon, don’t fret. We’ve got investor-friendly alternatives that you can use.

Rounding for non-math types
The recent demise of the penny gave us all a refresher course on rounding.

Most of us know that one to four rounds down and five to nine rounds up, but there can be some surprising pitfalls when dealing with the kinds of numbers that are common in financial services marketing, especially in commentaries and reports.

When technical terms attack: Avoiding jargon in financial commentaries
Sometimes jargon is useful, and can be an efficient way for investment professionals to discuss obscure and complex topics with precision.

More often though, jargon is used as a mental and verbal shortcut. Here are some common jargon terms … and ways to make them investor friendly.

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