Audit your marketing materials to align with your sales team

Working in a marketing department sometimes feels like you’re working in a vacuum.

You get direction to produce a brochure, you create an engaging piece, it goes to print … and you never hear about it again. Everyone who has worked in marketing has been there.

But there’s a good chance that brochure you produced is actually getting used. In fact, some of the pieces you may have forgotten about may be big successes with your sales team. And sales may be wondering why they were never updated.

Here are two things you can do to help:

1. Refresh for your current sales campaigns

It’s easy to get behind the newest, latest and greatest brochures, microsites and email templates. But it is even more helpful – for you and your sales team – to know all of your products’ support materials.

So help out your sales team by conducting an audit of the materials that support the products that are currently bringing in the most dollars – or that are a key focus for your sales team.

2. Survey the archives

We’ve heard this a number of times: a relationship manager is on a call or a wholesaler is in a meeting when an advisor brings up what seems to be an obscure brochure that was a big hit.

Given the rapid pace of change, some great core pieces are often lost in the shuffle and then simply forgotten. Find out where those pieces are and get them onto your project list.

Sales people often live in a focused world that revolves around their clients and core products or initiatives. Your sales team will absolutely benefit from knowing what materials still exist and in what form they can be delivered (i.e., print, web, email, PowerPoint, etc.).

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