someone writing an investment commentary

5 good reasons to outsource your investment commentary process 

What’s one of the top long-term communications challenges that financial services firms face? Finding the time and talent to produce engaging and well-written investment commentaries.

Faced with the challenge of finding people with the time, ability and technical knowledge to produce accurate and engaging investment commentaries, it makes sense to work with an external partner that specializes in creating these fundamental, but highly disruptive, deliverables. Here are five reasons why:

1. Reduces your operating costs

With budgets shrinking across the financial services industry, it is more important than ever to find opportunities to manage costs. Using an external partner to deliver investment commentaries can be highly cost-effective, as this reduces the need to have expensive in-house portfolio managers, analysts, writers and project managers working on these pieces over compressed periods of time.

2. Provides access to expertise

An experienced investment commentary partner brings both high-level insights and in-depth analysis to the table. Their insights are informed by extensive exposure to multiple projects across the industry. A partner that offers best practices learned in the field can greatly improve the quality of your investment commentaries.

3. Ensures a structured process

An investment commentary partner can provide you with a structured process tailored to meet the needs of your specific deliverables. They can assume responsibility for the research, writing, editing and fact-checking of your commentaries, while ensuring these commentaries are always delivered on time and on budget. 

4. Reduces turnaround time

Given their expertise and scalable resources, an investment commentary partner can get your work done faster. In this era of increased regulatory requirements, the ability to quickly produce high-quality, well-researched investment commentaries is extremely valuable.

5. Frees up your resources

Your internal teams – including your in-house portfolio managers, analysts, compliance officers and marketing professionals – can be of more value to your firm if they focus on strategic initiatives. This is made possible by having an external partner that’s well-positioned to assume responsibility for your ongoing investment commentary needs.

Investment commentaries can take a lot of time for in-house team members to produce, which can distract them from their day-to-day responsibilities. You can get much better value by outsourcing your investment commentary productions to an external team that has the specialized expertise you need and can deliver the superior results you require.

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