Three more ideas for writing better speeches

Last week we shared four tips to help strengthen your next speech. Since we still believe that speech writing involves a highly refined set of skills – and that communications professionals who have these skills are a hot commodity in the financial services industry – we wanted to provide you with three more tips you can quickly implement when writing your next speech.

1. Simplify everything

There are a few ways you can simplify your speeches. First, you can simplify the topic. People who can simplify a complicated topic are the true superstars in the world of marketing and communications.

Second, you can simplify your language. Capitalizing on strong verbs, removing unnecessary adjectives and avoiding jargon are three easy wins for speech writers. Third, you can simplify your structure. Too many asides will distract your audience, so stick to the topic at hand.

Simplify the topic, your language and your structure.

2. Write like you talk

The spoken word is a different kind of animal than the written word.

Whereas in the written word, you can convey a certain level of formality by avoiding contractions and using sophisticated words, the spoken word should almost always be delivered with a more casual tone of voice.

The spoken word should almost always be delivered with a more casual tone of voice.

In speeches, contractions like “we’re” are better than “we are.” And words like “commence” should always be replaced with simpler words, in this case a word like “begin” would be appropriate.

3. Finish with a bang

It’s important to wrap up your speech by reminding your audience what you’ve told them. For bonus points, some sort of flash of creativity (like a clever quote) at its conclusion will undoubtedly make your speech more memorable in the minds of your audience.

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