Three marketing lessons from a trip to the art gallery

There are marketing lessons everywhere. From the food on your plate to the traffic you’re stuck in. So it’s no surprise that on a recent trip to the art gallery, some thoughts about successful marketing came to mind.

1. Treat your best customers very well
The art gallery’s family membership comes with great benefits: free visits all year, extra guest passes and complementary access to special exhibits. Sure, these benefits come at a cost, but members can make that back with just one visit.

Similarly, if your clients like your services and solutions, and they are putting an above-average amount of money with you, you should reward them anyway you can.

2. People want a great experience
This builds off #1. More so than ever before, people want to experience something worth talking about. An art gallery experience starts out on the street when you see the building’s stunning architecture and things only get better from there.

Likewise, you’ve got to offer your clients and prospects a share-worthy experience. An engaging, well-designed website is a good place to start because you can get a lot of mileage out of it. Your goal should be a website that is highly functional and great to look at.

3. Good design is timeless
Great art stands the test of time. Everyone knows Picasso and Monet, and everyone always will as long as art galleries exist.

Great design stands the test of time too. Now, it’s true that mutual fund brochures may not be on par with the world’s great masterpieces, but financial services marketers should all aspire to create materials that are engaging and can lead to conversations.

Also, brochures are getting shorter and social media is ascending to the throne of marketing royalty. As a result, the amount of copy we use is generally decreasing and design is gaining ever-more importance.

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