Save time and resources with clear brand guidelines

Creating clear brand guidelines is not just about ensuring that the look and feel of your marketing materials are consistent. It’s also about saving time and resources.

Let’s take a look at how brand guidelines can help your bottom line. They will:

1. Enable team members to work more effectively together

There is tremendous value in consistency, especially if people are in different areas of the office, in another office altogether or working remotely. With this consistency comes a higher level of confidence and your marketing team will feel an immediate boost to their creative output.

2. Provide practical instructions on daily usage

By ensuring that everyone is using the right font, colour palette, graphics, etc., you’ll have to answer fewer questions, and make fewer corrections during your day.

Answer fewer questions, and make fewer corrections

Brand guidelines have the added benefit of providing a quick education about your brand for new members of the marketing team, so you can cut down on the time that you need to commit to training.

3. Make brand updates easier

For better or worse, brand guidelines are not set in stone. We can’t think of a company that hasn’t done a review of their brand over the past few years.

A major brand refresh – or even a minor update – can be complicated from the get go. But less so if you have well-documented brand guidelines, which will give you and your team a strong starting point. A refreshed brand guideline will also help you disseminate the new brand info much faster.

More time and more resources at your disposal: it’s hard to deny the benefits of creating clear brand guidelines.

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