Monday morning briefing – September 30, 2019

People want more ESG transparency by companies. Fintech firms facing challenges finding good talent. The high-net-worth are raising cash levels. Can a passive player enter the PE space? And much more in this week’s briefing.

Economic/industry news

U.S. GDP growth confirmed at 2.0%: Second-quarter U.S. GDP left at 2%, slower economic growth seen persisting

Signs may point to an economic slowdown: Is the end of economic expansion near?

People want more ESG transparency by companies: Pressure piling on for companies to provide ESG disclosure

The trade war is the biggest threat to global economic growth: Lagarde says trade main global growth risk, recession unlikely

Why asset managers need to consider alternative investments: Asset managers must adapt to democratization of alternatives

A look at how much should be allocated to alternative investments: Here’s how much financial advisors should invest in alternatives to make a difference

Is there a future for non-transparent ETFs?: Non-transparent ETFs … a glimpse into the future?

News and notes (U.S.)

Global hedge funds experienced redemptions in August: Investors have pulled $63 billion from hedge funds this year – but these strategies are raking in cash

Many hedge funds are negotiating their management fees: Almost 39 per cent of hedge fund managers willing to negotiate management fees, says report

Can a passive player enter the PE space?Why private equity is ripe for Vanguard-style disruption

The PE space will continue to expand: Research suggests there’s no stopping the private-equity train

Transitioning from Washington to PE: Politicians continue push into PE

Participation rate in retirement plans on the rise: Retirement Plan Sponsors report record 83% participation rate

Morningstar concerned about public availability of private investments in retirement plans: Don’t relax private investment regs for retirement funds: Morningstar

News and notes (Canada)

Fidelity launches five fixed income ETFs: Fidelity rolls out five fixed income ETFs on TSX

Evolve launches the Evolve Dividend Preferred Share Index ETF: Evolve launches preferred share ETF

Wealthsimple acquires SimpleTax: Wealthsimple expands into tax software with SimpleTax acquisition

What title regulation will mean for Ontario financial advisors: What to expect as title regulation extends to Ontario

Mutual fund and ETF assets rose in August: ETF sales eclipse mutual funds in August, IFIC reports

Canadian asset managers must innovate in a challenging environment: Asset managers must innovate: KPMG

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

Visa launches Visa Partner, looking to help fintech firms: Visa opens resource portal for fintechs

Banks must blend the old with the new to thrive: Where banking-fintech partnerships fall short

Developing products your consumers want most: How to build banking products consumers will love

Regtech spending to increase substantially in next five years: Regtech spending to reach $127 billion by 2024, as AI drives cost savings

HSBC introduces system to detect financial crimes: HSBC introduces industry leading financial crime detection systems

Combatting deepfakes: Can AI and blockchain be used in fight against deepfake?

Fintech firms facing challenges finding good talent: UK fintech sector faces talent shortfall

Increasing the use of blockchain: Can blockchain become more accessible?

High-net-worth topics

The top 1% in Canada saw their effective tax rates decline: Tax rates down, incomes up for the 1%

The high-net-worth are raising cash levels: Wealthy families are preparing for a downturn

The high-net-worth should have a plan to handle requests for money: How wealthy people handle requests to give away their money

Polls & surveys – What financials are saying

Investors in mutual funds and ETFs are confident in these products (IFIC): IFIC survey shows strong satisfaction with advisors, fund products

Supersavers are willing to make sacrifices to save more (Principal): These 5 money habits put young workers on track for retirement

Investors interested in sustainable investing, but don’t do it (Schroder): Investors talk the talk, don’t walk the walk, on sustainability

Why people engage with a financial advisor (Merrill Lynch): Top 5 reasons clients turn to a financial advisor: Merrill

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