Monday morning briefing – July 22, 2019

Agri-food VC fund gets big investment. Rethinking PE multiples. Hedge fund assets reach their highest level ever. Baby boomers falling short of their retirement savings goals. The high-net-worth are more concerned about education and health than fancy things. And much more in this week’s briefing.

Economic/industry news

Canada’s inflation rate fell to 2.0% in June: Inflation hits BoC target of 2%

China’s economic growth rate slows to 6.2%, annualized, in the second quarter: China second-quarter GDP growth slows to 27-year low as trade war bites, more stimulus seen

How far will the Fed cut interest rates?: With a July cut almost assured, how far will the Fed go?

The impact of geopolitics on financial markets: Geopolitics becoming a primary market driver for institutional investors

Why goals-based planning can eliminate advisor biases: How advisor biases influence client outcomes: SEI study

Index tracking funds regained popularity in the second quarter: Passive investing picking up again

A look at six potential changes to the ETF industry: 6 big changes that could transform the ETF market

Five strategies for the “new” world of investing: Five strategies to replace old investing models

News and notes (U.S.)

Hedge fund assets reach their highest level ever: Hedge fund assets eclipse 2018 record

Hedge funds experienced US$800 million of inflows in May: Hedge fund flows turn positive again in May

BlackRock to start investing through long-term PE fund: A longer-term approach to private equity

Rethinking PE multiples: Median US PE buyout multiples of 12x may be the new norm

Searching for higher returns: Why public pensions are taking more risk

Investors benefiting from reduced mutual fund fees in 401(k) plans: Mutual fund fees in 401(k)s keep on falling: ICI

Fidelity launches four low-cost index funds: Fidelity expands price war with Vanguard with new index fund launches

Living mortgage free: Almost 40% of U.S. homes are mortgage free

News and notes (Canada)

AGF to launch three liquid alternative ETFs and mutual funds: AGF files prospectuses for 3 alternative funds

Picton Mahoney launches another liquid alternative fund: New alt fund, ETF lineup from Picton Mahoney

Agri-food VC fund gets big investment: OMERS investing in agri-food venture capital fund

How to help new Canadians with their finances: Helping new Canadians find their bearings in financial planning

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

A look at technology trends impacting retail banking: 5 pivotal technology trends in retail banking

Making the branch feel like home: ING introduces ‘branches that make you feel like home’

Fintech is having an impact on capital markets: How investment banks can respond to the fintech challenge

How small businesses may benefit from fintech: 3 fintech innovations that could end financial hurdles for small businesses

How to improve the account opening process: 5 ways to maximize your account opening and onboarding process

Reimagining Toys “R” Us: Toys ‘R’ Us taps tech startup b8ta to bring its stores into the future

Cybersecurity is a major concern among advisors: Cybersecurity (again) is advisors’ top compliance concern

Regulators are having difficulty with cryptocurrencies: Why regulators are struggling with crypto assets

High-net-worth topics

The high-net-worth are more concerned about education and health than fancy things: Forget the Rolexes and Bugattis, it’s all about education and health for today’s super wealthy

Even the high-net-worth struggle with their financial goals: Most millionaires don’t consider themselves wealthly: Ameriprise study

Polls & surveys – What financials are saying

Hedge fund investors looking for ESG principles in hedge funds (Cerulli): Interest in ESG expected to grow among hedge fund investors

Seniors need help with their finances (OBSI): Senior clients need more from financial firms: report

Fund managers show more bullishness in July (Merrill): Fund manager sentiment perks up in July: Merrill Survey

Baby boomers falling short of their retirement savings goals (RBC): Boomers worried they aren’t saving enough: survey

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