Market outlook 2018

January’s coming to an end and we have just one question: did you read our Market outlook 2018?

If you haven’t yet, check it out here. In it, we cover U.S., European, Canadian and Chinese equity markets and economies. We also look at fixed income markets.

While predicting the future is a fool’s game, we couldn’t resist making a few bold claims along the way. We talk about:

  • The next phase of the Canadian housing boom
  • The unexpected result of legalizing marijuana
  • Is “this time it’s different” the right approach to the U.S. information technology sector?
  • Central bank decisions … and indecision
  • The European political situation
  • Energy and materials sector volatility
  • Interest rates, inflation, flights to safety, corporate headwinds and more

Read our Market outlook 2018 today!

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