Hedge fund managers: you can use social media more effectively

Along with a great pitchbook, website and newsletter, financial services social media marketing is the cornerstone of a hedge fund’s digital marketing strategy. Simply put, social media is key to engaging clients and prospects.

Ext. tends to focus on three social platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram – as these sites often form the core of any hedge fund’s social strategy.

LinkedIn – your networking machine

We love LinkedIn. Digitally, there’s no better way connect with clients, prospects, peers and industry leaders. Think about these two stats: 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 40 million of them are in decision-making positions (LinkedIn).

So, set up your executive team’s personal profiles, share your own content, and never forget to “like” and comment on other people’s content. You should also set up a corporate LinkedIn page where you’ll share your firm’s news. People who are interested in your firm will follow your company.

Who’s your audience? Check out our tips on creating great client personas.

Twitter – your digital research hub

Even today, as other social networks eclipse Twitter with more active users, there may be no better way to learn what people are thinking and saying than with Twitter search. While most marketers recommend actively engaging people on Twitter, we disagree (for now). Hedge fund managers need to focus on their investment and research activities over long periods of time, and Twitter’s real-time nature makes it far too difficult to stay active and at the top of people’s streams.

For hedge fund managers, Twitter is better used as a place to research companies and their customers. Give it a shot: Twitter Search.

Instagram – adding value to people’s distraction

It seems strange. How can a platform that’s all about sharing images help hedge fund managers? It can because you want to be where your audience is.

And we know where they are: Instagram. Approximately 35% of U.S. adults use Instagram, up from 28% last year, and 60% of these individuals visit the platform every day (Pew). Go to any conference and watch what happens when people get bored. While people used to check their emails, today they swipe through Instagram to look at pictures. Get in there are start adding value.

If you want to raise more assets, a digital marketing strategy – and social media – will help position you as a thought-leader and get your message to a broader audience.

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