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Five New Year’s marketing resolutions you’ll want to keep

There are few times when we are as eager to set goals for ourselves as we are the start of a new year. Psychology Today suggests the key to sticking with your resolutions requires a shift in mindset. It’s not enough to set a goal; you also need to develop a thoughtful plan that considers how you might respond to potential pitfalls.

Resolutions that stretch your abilities are great, but they must be realistic. Having someone in your corner is vital. This support can help keep you motivated and offer fresh perspectives on how you can achieve your goal.

Here are five New Year’s marketing resolutions that’ll help you get better results:

1. Understand the why before diving in
When work is piling up, take a moment to reflect and wrap your head around the purpose and outcome you are hoping to achieve. It’s natural to develop new and exciting marketing ideas as you work through a project. As tempting as it may be to integrate those ideas into the work that’s already underway, consider saving those ideas for later. Not only will this help keep your current project on track and on budget, but it gives you an opportunity to build off the momentum of getting a successful project into market.

2. Adopt a storytelling mindset
Always keep in mind who your audience is and look for opportunities to incorporate storytelling into your marketing. It’s always better to “show” the value of your brand rather than “tell” people why it is so great. Marketing professor and bestselling author, Jonah Berger, puts it this way: “When people put their kids to sleep, nobody tells bedtime facts.”

3. Make white space your friend
You have so much thoughtful information to share with your audience that you feel compelled to put it all on the page. Resist this urge. Your audience will skip over copy-dense pages. Keep what’s most important. Lighter pages are easier to process, making it more likely they will retain your message.

4. The five-second rule
By some estimates, the average user spends no more than 5.59 seconds on a site’s written content and about 5.94 seconds on a site’s main image.1 The key to developing great website content is to say more with less. Make sure your readers can skim the page to find what they want quickly and easily – whether they are on desktop or mobile.

5. Test and learn
No matter how confident you may be that you have created an engaging marketing campaign, the only way to know for sure is to track results. Continuous testing and refining of your messaging can drive more leads. In the case of online content, consider A/B testing by splitting your audience into two (or more) groups and serve a different version of your campaign to each group. Once you determine which version is performing best, you focus on that one and pull the others down.

Just as the key to enjoying life is moderation, successful marketing requires a thoughtful and measured approach. Following these five resolutions can help create a better marketing experience and deliver incredible results.

Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2022!

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