Daily practices to help you write better

It can take a while for new writers to figure out what does and doesn’t work. Even though every writer is different, we’ve found a few success tips and tricks that are pretty universal. Here are some rituals and daily practices to help you produce better copy:

Rethink your desk setup

The best is a clean desk. The next-best desk is “organized chaos.” Piles of folded paper and coffee cups, however, are a creativity killer for most writers because they distract from the task at hand.

Buy at least one good dictionary

If you’re in Canada, the Oxford Canadian Dictionary is ideal. For U.S. writers, the Merriam-Webster is the way to go. A good thesaurus can come in handy – just make sure that you don’t open it until the editing process.

Take breaks

There’s a whole cohort of copywriters out there – some of the best – who will write for only 33 minutes before getting up and taking a break. They say that it’s the best way to stay fresh for longer. Experiment with this idea and let us know what you think.

Write first

Just like the savings mantra “Pay yourself first,” writers should write for themselves first. Emails can wait. What’s most important is that you get an hour or two of focused, project-based writing done before distractions take over your day.

Carry a note pad/note app

Always be ready to write. Some people keep a Moleskin or waiter’s notepad in their pocket, while other people use note-taking apps (like Google Keep) on their phone. This little adjustment can pay great dividends over the long term.

Gather your facts

Read everything you can beforehand, take notes, highlight key points and anything else you need to do. That way, your writing time is focused on writing, not researching.

Edit before you send

Always take the time to edit your work before sending it out for review. Some writers only need one round of edits, while other will take five passes or more at their copy. If you’re so familiar with the copy that you might miss typos, get someone else to take a look.

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