Automated or custom portfolio manager commentaries? Why not both?

Fund companies used to have a writer sit down with a portfolio manager (PM) to hear how the PM’s fund did over the past reporting period, and then the writer would distill that information into a concise commentary for the PM to review and approve. Not anymore.

More and more companies are looking for alternatives to getting their marketing and regulatory commentaries written in a convenient fashion. Also, the large number and types of funds available today makes the face-to-face approach nearly impossible, given the time constraints that PMs have to deal with.

And, because fund companies have to create these commentaries quickly as a result of regulatory or other delivery requirements, in-house copywriting resources are often not an option for this volume of work.

The answer? Combine automation tools and best practices with a professional commentary writing service. Here is how to break it down:

What to automate and what to keep custom

From experience, we’ve found that combining automation and customization at specific points in the commentary process is the best way to alleviate pressure on your PMs, while also meeting all of your regulatory and compliance needs.

There are lots of ways to use technology to streamline the commentary process. For starters, data can be pulled from attribution reports to create individual commentary shells for each fund mandate.

Ext. Marketing Inc., for example, uses custom reporting templates that PMs or their analysts fill out to reduce the amount of time required by PMs to complete their commentaries. These commentaries are written, edited and proofread by experienced and knowledgeable financial services writers.

Outsourcing can improve your process

Outsourcing this work to a professional financial services commentary provider that can leverage technology to streamline the commentary process – and provide a well-crafted commentary that maintains the voice of the PM – is a great option. Outsourcing:

  • Often produces commentaries faster than using in-house resources
  • Expands the ability to research and add the “whys” after attribution information has been determined
  • Includes editing as part of the process, so commentaries are returned to clients cleaner
  • Completes engaging macroeconomic/market review and outlook sections, before the period has ended if required
  • Ensures all regulatory requirements are met

With some strategic thinking about where automation and customization can improve your process, PM commentaries no longer have to strain you and your company’s resources.

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