Another PSA for meetings: be a better attendee

A productive meeting can move a project ahead, energize a team, and lead to creative improvements and innovation. We’ve shared some tips on running more effective meetings, but a meeting’s attendees can also make a big difference in the overall success of the meeting.

In our first PSA post, we encouraged meeting organizers to focus on PSA: preparedness, structure and action. There is a PSA for meeting attendees too, and this PSA stands for: preparedness, support and attention.

Be prepared

Being on time is obvious, as is bringing in associated meeting materials. To make the most of the time spent in your meeting, it’s best to be familiar with the meeting materials and to be ready to update your colleagues on relevant developments from your area(s) of work.

Support the meeting’s goals

Help the meeting organizer keep to the agenda (and end the meeting on time) by staying focused on the topics being discussed and by contributing to the discussion. Be ready to make decisions and help move your project forward when required.

Pay attention

Meetings can be great opportunities to learn about new trends and initiatives in your industry or your organization. By following this PSA, you’ll be contributing to a culture of respect and attention, which is a valuable trait that will be noticed and appreciated at your next meeting.

Listen, ask questions, take notes and, above all, ignore your smartphone.

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