Advisor communications series: A few thoughts on continuing education and content

Advisors are talented and creative problem solvers. They have to be because the financial services landscape is constantly changing.

And to stay on top of that change, the best advisors are always building their knowledge through continuing education. That’s true of financial and investment skills … and it’s true of content and marketing skills as well.

Move ahead of your peers and competitors

Knowing your industry inside and out – and being on top of the ever-changing landscape – will help you form more insightful opinions about what industry trends may be coming.

This forward-thinking mentality is a great way to build trust – and you build that trust through your communications such as emails, blogs, videos and social media. We’ll be writing about this in more detail over the coming weeks.

Become an authority

Regardless of how social media may be changing this perception, people still lean on subject matter experts to complete the task at hand correctly. By continuously upgrading your content and marketing education, you’ll ensure you remain an invaluable asset to your clients.

Expand your network

People want to connect with experts … including other experts. So don’t be shy when you learn something new. Put your new skills into practice immediately. For example, if you just learned some news ways to write a strong call to action, send out an email with one.

In the end, content creation will be easier

The more you know, the more content you’ll be able to produce.

In an age where content is king, anyone looking to build their profile should be generating fresh content in one form or another.

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