9 reasons to work with a content partner

There are is one overarching challenge all marketers face when trying to deliver engaging, sharable content: finding the time and creative talent to produce it all.

But for financial services marketers like us, there’s another big challenge: finding people with the technical knowledge to produce accurate content for this unique sector.

Faced with these two challenges, it makes sense to work with a content partner. Here are 9 reasons why:

1. Control your operating costs

With marketing budgets shrinking across the industry, finding opportunities to manage costs is a big win for marketing VPs and managers. And using an outsourced partner to deliver this type of content can be very cost effective.

2. Improve your focus

If your marketing team has many projects on the go, the room for error expands. Having a partner that is solely focused on your content production reduces the chance of error.

3. Access expertise

A financial services content partner brings senior thinking to the table. These insights are often informed by running many projects across the industry.

4. Access new capabilities

Content partners have access to products and services that your in-house team may not, by choice or because of budgetary restraints.

5. Structured process

A content partner has a structured process specific to the content marketing world, meaning a focus on the fast and efficient delivery of your content.

6. Quicker turnaround times

Given their expertise and resources, content partners can get your work done faster. In this era of increasing content requirements, the ability to produce timely content is essential.

7. Frees up your resources

Your internal team would likely contribute more to your company’s success if they focus on strategic initiatives or on an important client. This allows your content partner to assume more of your ongoing needs, while also helping to strategizing future content initiatives.

8. Get time-consuming projects off your plate

Content, sales and practice management campaigns take a lot of time, which can distract your team from their day-to-day responsibilities.

9. Extend your team

A content partner is just a great way to beef up your team without adding headcount.

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