3 tips for sustaining your editorial calendar

Producing content over the long term takes resources and commitment. To ensure you stick to your plan, the best path is to create an editorial calendar. Here are some ideas for sustaining your editorial calendar through good times and bad:

1. Include the right categories

Occasionally your readers will want to search your content for relevant subject matter. Assigning categories makes it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for, especially as time goes on and your content accumulates. If you’re two years in and you’ve been sharing and producing custom content daily, you need to give readers the option to find what they are looking for with a keyword search; nobody wants to hit the “previous posts” button again and again.

Make a point of including these six important fields in your editorial calendar:

  • category
  • keyword
  • post date
  • status
  • tags
  • working title

2. Revisit older content

So, a year has passed and it’s time to update your editorial calendar. Wait! Don’t do that just yet. Take time to reread some of your older content and ask yourself:

  • What, if anything, has changed since we wrote that?
  • Have we changed our opinion and, if so, why?

Can you expand on what you wrote? Are there new findings or ways of thinking that might add to the discussion? If yes, then refresh and re-post. Updating old material is an important strategy to keep in mind when developing content.

3. Expand your editorial calendar

A social media editorial calendar that outlines when and what you want to share on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook involves even more planning than a content calendar as there are many more posts involved. But you can build on your existing calendar to get you started.

Just like your core editorial calendar, well-planned social media updates will cut down on wasted resources, keep you focused on what’s coming up next and help you generate better content for all your campaigns.

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