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Making data come alive

How can an asset manager capture the attention of advisors? It’s an age-old question.

Here are some of the high-impact ideas we formulated for Timbercreek Asset Management to help capture more advisor mindshare.

We leveraged a “stat-heavy” outlook report for an immersive, fully interactive ivestment HTML infographic with responsive design that enabled it to go seamlessly from web browser to iPhone. We also produced a corporate video that told the Timbercreek story in under 60 seconds and was optimized for LinkedIn distribution. And, we helped develop an e-book with value-added information for Timbercreek advisors.





A web presence with real presence

Timbercreek wanted a special place online for advisors to learn more about its impressive global portfolio of real estate investments. We decided a microsite was the best approach. With imagery and content that propelled Timbercreek’s brand forward, we delivered an advisor-facing website with a modern feel, clear navigation and fresh content to drive awareness of Timbercreek’s specialized investment expertise.

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