Wednesday morning briefing – January 2, 2019

Creating an excellent customer experience will deliver solid financial results for banks. Private equity expected to surpass hedge funds in terms of assets over the next few years. The high-net-worth are looking for tax-efficient, and legal, options. Tightening monetary policy and sustainability among the themes to watch in 2019. And more in this week’s briefing. Enjoy!

Economic/industry news 

International Economic Data Snapshot – includes aggregated data of the worldwide economy: Snapshot: International economic data

The U.S. Federal Reserve Board raises its target range to between 2.25% and 2.50%: Fed raises interest rates, signals more hikes ahead

U.S. and Chinese officials to discuss trade in early January: U.S. and China said to hold trade talks in Beijing in early January

Canada’s economy expanded 0.3% in October: Canada’s economy grew 0.3% in October

The focus on the Fed may change from interest rates to its balance sheet: Markets signal 2019 focus will be Fed’s balance-sheet unwind

Could 2019 be the year for emerging markets’ outperformance?: Emerging markets expected to outperform in 2019 (for real this time)

Finding investment opportunities as the number of seniors in Canada rise: Opportunities for institutional investors in an aging society

Education will be key as liquid alternatives are set to formally launch on January 3: AIMA prepares for investment ‘sea change’

Canadian mutual funds experienced $2.4 billion of net redemptions in November: Mutual fund sales slump continued in November

Canadian ETF assets rose to $160.9 billion in November: Canadian ETF assets up in November

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

Real-time payments generating interest from large technology firms: Big tech companies throw their support behind Fed-run real-time payments network

Creating an excellent customer experience will deliver solid financial results for banks: Customer experience has massive impact on banking providers’ bottom line 

Some key trends to watch out for in the banking industry: What’s in store for banks in 2019?

According to McKinsey, here are the key fintech trends that you need to know: Synergy and disruption: Ten trends shaping fintech

 Here are the top fintech startups in New York: Top 20 fintech startups in New York

Demand for regtech solutions expected to grow: Demand for regtech solutions to intensify as regulatory burden looms larger

 Insurance executives should keep these key insurtech questions in mind during 2019: 5 insurtech questions for 2019

Despite the rise of robo-advisors, human financial advisors still play an extremely important part in financial advisory: Why we still want humans, and not (just) robots, to invest our money

Using technology to identify potential credit risks: ING develops early warning system for credit risk

Banks are making substantial progress as innovative organizations: From innovation theatre to real innovation

Automating the office: 5 business uses of voice based virtual assistants

CI acquires majority stake in WealthBar: CI enters robo game with WealthBar acquisition

News and notes (U.S.)

Hedge funds fell 0.28% in November: Barclay Hedge Fund Index down 0.28 per cent in November 

Hedge funds experienced outflows in November: Hedge funds see third consecutive month of outflows in November

Private equity expected to surpass hedge funds in terms of assets over the next few years: What lies ahead for the hedge fund industry?

Take-private deals could grow in 2019: Expect the number of take-privates in the US to spike in 2019

Alternative investments could provide an opportunity for growth in an investor’s portfolio: Looking for growth? Consider the alternatives

Private equity managers perform better when they aren’t rushed to make deals: Faster isn’t better for private equity managers

A look back at the VC industry in 2018: 60 big things: Scandals, scooters and the year that was in VC

Investors want to see innovation in cost management: How fund managers are innovating around fees

Regulatory issues that broker-dealers need to keep top-of-mind in 2019: Regulatory changes to watch: Taxes, retirement, fiduciary rules

Changes coming to fund-of-funds?: SEC proposes rule changes for fund of funds arrangements

What we can learn from 2008 in 2018: Lessons from 2008 for 2018

These were the 10 largest ETF launches in 2018: Biggest ETF launches of the year 

Weekly outflows from mutual funds accelerate: ETFs gain $25.2B while mutual funds lose $56B

High-net-worth topics

Hedge fund-like strategies to help the high-net-worth navigate through market volatility: UBS Wealth’s hedge fund-like playbook to beat market mayhem

Helping the high-net-worth preserve their wealth: How to hold on to the wealth you’ve got

The high-net-worth are looking for tax-efficient, and legal, options: Offshore tax scandals haven’t deterred HNW investors: report

Polls & surveys – What financials are saying

Tightening monetary policy and sustainability among the themes to watch in 2019 (Mercer): Four investing themes will shape financial markets in 2019: Mercer

Slower growth expected for the Canadian economy (Vanguard): Canadian outlook skewed toward the downside, says Vanguard

Canadians looking to pay down debt in 2019 (CIBC): Canadians say paying down debt is top priority in 2019: Poll

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