Tuesday afternoon briefing – September 3, 2019

A look at where fintech is headed. Volatility boosting the performance of macro funds. How AI can help fight against money laundering. The high-net-worth have curbed spending. And much more in this week’s briefing.

Economic/industry news

Strong growth for the Canadian economy in the second quarter: Canadian economy expands 3.7% even as domestic demand shrinks

U.S. economic growth revised lower: US second-quarter GDP growth revised to 2.0%

Will the U.S. issue 100-year government bonds?: 100 year bonds? Why ‘ultra-long’ bonds have caught on in 14 countries and counting

How the past shapes our money habits: Clients often follow ‘money scripts’ they learn as children

A look at what makes an investment team successful: The three mindsets investment teams share

News and notes (U.S.)

Alternatives could see a jump in assets under management from U.S. public pensions: Alts could benefit from US public pensions allocation shifts

Volatility boosting the performance of macro funds: These macro funds are winning big in August as volatility surges

A look at some key trends of U.S. unicorns: Spiking exit value, massive valuations and 5 other charts about US unicorns

RFP demands continue to increase: Asset managers say they’re drowning in RFPs

Benchmarking private assets: How to benchmark performance when assets are private

Co-founder of GSO Capital Partners to retire: As Blackstone’s Bennett Goodman retires, Schwarzman signals direct lending expansion

New ruling could help Plan Sponsors avoid class-action lawsuits: Schwab ERISA appeal victory could keep Plan Sponsors out of court

News and notes (Canada)

RBC launches RBC Healthcare Advantage program: RBC launches membership program for healthcare professionals

Responding to tax changes by converting to corporate class: Horizons to convert ETFs to corporate-class funds in response to tax changes

PE and VC investment strong in the second quarter: Private equity and venture markets strong in Q2, CVCA reports

Mutual fund and ETF assets rose in July: Fund sales recovered in July, finds IFIC

The case for hedge funds in Canadian pension plans: Head to head: Do hedge funds make sense for Canadian pension plans?

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

A look at where fintech is headed: Emerging fintech trends

It’s better to be a leader in the race for digital banking capabilities: Study proves being a digital banking leader boosts financial returns

How AI can help in the fight against money laundering: Could artificial intelligence spell check-mate for money laundering?

Looking for employees who can work with machines: Finance needs people who can work with robots

How the lending industry can benefit from AI: How artificial intelligence is disrupting the lending industry

Automating the account opening process: IIROC approves automation for opening certain accounts

Looking to the regulators to prioritize cybersecurity: Cyber risk a top issue among institutions: Survey

HSBC introduces Pepper: Is this the new face of finance?

Goldman to hire engineers in effort to build out its trading and risk management platform: Goldman Sachs trading biz to hire 100 coders

High-net-worth topics

The high-net-worth have curbed spending: New recession warning: The rich aren’t spending

Diversification is key to protect the portfolios of the high-net-worth during a recession: How the ultra-high-net-worth investor prepares for a recession

What is impacting the performance of direct investments?: Direct investments: What do the numbers say?

Polls & surveys – What financials are saying

Canada needs better pension regulations (CCPA): Canada must strengthen pension rules to protect retirees, think tank says

There is widespread interest in ESG investing (Allianz Life): Survey: Many age groups express interest in ESG investing, but few participate

Investors seeking more financial advice (EY):Investors demand more advice, better value: EY report

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