Corporate Branding

December 19, 2017

Today, almost 80% of a stock’s value is tied to its brand. Let us help you build a recognizable and positive image for your company. Our branding services will give you a look and feel that reflects your core value propositions and that you will be proud of.

Corporate branding is more than just creating a new logo. When we take on a branding project, we consider all parts of the brand experience – from your strategic positioning and key messages to your logo. We ensure you put your best foot forward, whether it’s your stationery and business cards, the signage on your door or your email signature.

We recommend starting with a key messaging exercise, where we consider your market position, trends, and other key factors. We make the process as short and painless as possible – and you will walk away being able to rhyme off your elevator pitch and value proposition, telling your story in a clear and concise manner.