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Monday morning briefing – August 12, 2019

The top fintech trends for 2020 that you need to know. Taking a long-term view of the hedge fund industry. Geopolitics will hurt some emerging markets countries. And much more in this week’s briefing.

Economic/industry news

Canada’s unemployment rate rose to 5.7% in July: Canada loses over 24,000 jobs in July, but wage growth reaches highest level since 2009

The U.K. economy contracted in the second quarter: Recession fears grow as UK economy shrinks on back of Brexit chaos

Chinese exports rose in July: China exports rise despite simmering US trade row

Could the U.S. consumer be the biggest loser in the trade dispute?: The real cost of Trump’s trade wars

Avoiding firms that pose climate risks: Big money starts to dump stocks that pose climate risks

Portfolios with less risk are more expensive: BlackRock: Least risky portfolios are most expensive

Has bitcoin become a safe haven asset?: Bitcoin joins the ranks of ‘safe haven’ assets

News and notes (U.S.) 

Hedge funds’ net leverage shrinking: Hedge funds turn most bearish since 2016, hone long stock bets

Hoplite Capital to close its funds: Hedge fund Hoplite Capital plans to shut down – letter

Taking a long-term view of the hedge fund industry: Largest hedge fund advisers taking a long-term view on business, says new study

PE having a larger presence in the M&A market: PE’s prominence in the M&A scene continues to grow

PE carefully deploying cash towards deals: The private equity conundrum: More cash, fewer deals

Mutual fund sales and performance over the past two weeks: Mutual funds scorecard: August 6 edition

Most expensive real estate markets are seeing a decline in home prices: Home prices decline in some of the costliest markets in the U.S. 

News and notes (Canada)

Sun Life to offer a sustainability bond: Sun Life to issue sustainability bond

Geopolitics impacted RRSP season in Canada: ‘RRSP season was the worst in a decade’

Requesting that GST/HST be removed from mutual funds in RRSP accounts: IFIC calls for end to federal sales tax on mutual funds in RRSPs 

Total assets in Canadian ETFs was just shy of $184 billion in July: July sees $1.8 billion in ETF inflows

A look at the fund industry’s contribution to Canadian GDP: Canada’s fund industry fuels 1.7% of GDP, IFIC reports

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech 

The top fintech trends for 2020 that you need to know: Top 5 fintech trends that will dominate 2020

A look at how fintech could impact the banking industry: The fintech revolution: Who are the new competitors in banking?

Improving customer satisfaction through digital innovation: Financial institutions must become digital innovators

Data and analytics will benefit asset managers: Technology key to future success of asset managers: report

Customer trust and understanding to propel open banking forward: Why open banking is about to have its coming of age

U.S. regulators need to shift focus from penalties to prevention: US regulators need data breach prevention focus

Some business uses for virtual and augmented reality: VR is ahead for now, but AR will be a larger market in the long run

The Apple credit card is almost upon us: Apple readies for credit card launch

Why Canada needs to spread tech jobs across different cities and regions: Is Canada heading for a two-tier digital economy?

High-net-worth topics 

Wealthy investors are decreasing their allocation to stocks: These wealthy investors are trimming their stock holdings

The wealthy are adopting mobile technology for their investing needs: Interest in digital tech growing among wealthy investors: Morgan Stanley poll

The mansion tax could spread across the U.S.: ‘Mansion tax’ could sting your wealthy clients

Polls & surveys – What financials are saying 

Diversity in hiring at alternative firms lagging (Jensen Partners): Investors complained. Are alts firms listening?

Majority of hedge fund managers are not incorporating ESG strategies (BarclayHedge): More than half of hedge fund managers still not considering ESG: survey

Geopolitics will hurt some emerging markets countries (S&P): S&P: Risks for emerging markets loom despite looser Fed policy

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