Natasha Mody

Natasha is an award-winning creative leader with over two decades of international experience in digital, media, meta, technology and print-based platforms across news, sports and entertainment. She is driven by a passion for compelling storytelling and visually stunning design, having consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity to elevate significant global brands such as Disney’s Star Sports Network, CBC’s 2019 Federal Elections (Canada Votes) and Al Jazeera’s Primetime Shows. Her work has earned her numerous accolades.

At Ext. Marketing, Natasha leads the digital creative team, employing design thinking methodologies and leveraging AI applications to develop engaging conversion journeys that deliver exceptional results in the market. She remains steadfast in her mission to establish a center of digital excellence for retail capital-raising, while ensuring our clients receive top-quality work that exceeds expectations.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Natasha is passionate about mentorship, philanthropy, music, arts, dance and entertainment, and actively seeks opportunities to cultivate these interests.