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Don’t let your marketing take a summer vacation

Have you started planning your summer marketing campaign? If not, time is running out.

Banking and investing used to slow down in the summer, but times have changed. Savers, investors and borrowers don’t just stop dealing with financial issues for two months. Their phones are always within reach, and they check on how their finances are doing. We know because we all do too.

In our digitally connected world, it’s dangerous to disappear over the summer. Your clients and prospects keep living and experiencing challenges; you have to move with them, so they don’t move away from you.

Here are a few ideas on why (and how) you should run a summer campaign.

1. Our digitally connected world never sleeps

The traditional seasons of investing, such as retirement savings season, are fading as we move into a 24/7/365 world in financial services. Contribution deadlines are still important, but investors are becoming more sophisticated and understand the value of investing year-round. Summer months, which were once thought of as times to disengage, have grown into a time when people now actively check their social media platforms for updates, meaning they are now great times to market to clients and prospects.

But engaging investors in the summer requires a different approach. Investors may be more likely to be away from their desks, but they’re always online. As such, consider mobile-first campaigns. Catch them when they’re out and about and taking a quick look at their phones.

2. Planning conversations happen during the summer

When people are enjoying the late evening on their deck or dock, they tend to slip into conversations about the future. And financial issues are definitely top of mind.

At the risk of repeating ourselves: people do not take two-month vacations from their finances. They may go away for a week or two. That’s why we think you should plan to run a marketing campaign for most of the summer. This will help you grab the attention of as many people as possible.

3. Keep it light, like a sunny day

People might have more headspace to talk about their plans during the summer, but you have to read the room. Don’t hit people with messages that are overly challenging. You want to make them feel easy, even fun.

The good news here: creating an engaging campaign will be more fun for you too! Choose a topic that lends itself well to positive, life-focused messages, and could spur many other wealth planning conversations.

While we hope you enjoy some downtime this summer, make sure that your marketing efforts don’t!

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