Bloomberg and ext. – raising the bar on content and research for our clients

Marketing is a collaborative effort. It takes a group of creative, knowledgeable and dedicated people who are all focused on one important goal: to market a solution, product or service well.

In asset management, where real-time research, analysis and statistics are paramount to success, Bloomberg is the gold standard in the industry. Asset management professionals trust Bloomberg, and so do marketing departments – especially those that assist portfolio managers in developing their commentaries, reporting and market insights.

Communicate better, faster and more accurately

Capital markets are, by nature, dynamic. From the impact of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s interest rate decisions to Apple’s stock price to the shape of yield curve, there is a lot to track in financial markets each day.

At ext., we use our in-house Bloomberg terminal to help investment firms communicate better, faster and more accurately. We understand the importance of real-time information and statistics as they relate to communicating about market developments, and we stay on top of industry developments, understand where the market is trending and know how the global economy is performing. This ensures we are always on the same page as our clients.

Get an edge

A Bloomberg terminal gives our clients an edge – they no longer have to use their portfolio management teams’ valuable time to access information that will help them stay ahead of market developments.

By partnering with ext., you can access the same leading information as your firm’s research and portfolio management teams. Our analysts and CFA-level writers use this valuable information to help you create timely, impactful content for your clients.

Saving you time and money

Having a Bloomberg terminal helps our clients achieve efficiencies and allows us to conduct important research that our clients would normally request from other departments at their firms. This, in turn, frees up time and resources, as well as enabling expedited access to information.

Bloomberg is a big win for our clients: by partnering with us, you can communicate better, expand your edge and work more efficiently.

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