The word communication

Are you applying the five Cs of effective digital communications?

The next time you question the value of digital marketing, post “free baseball tickets” on your social media feed and watch what happens. We guarantee you’ll be overwhelmed with a response. Why? Your message is short, direct and conveys something people want.

At a time when everyone struggles to cope with information overload, digital marketing needs to be able to cut through the noise and deliver something that will make the audience feel it was worth their time. And short is best – according to a study by Microsoft Corp., people today generally lose concentration after eight seconds.

To consistently craft those messages, remember the five Cs:

  • Clarity
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Customization
  • Consistency

1. Clarity

Digital copy needs to be clear, concise and easy to understand. It starts by knowing what you want to say. Start by referring to your key messaging (if you don’t have that in place, then consider developing that first) and then build your concept around that idea.

Once you have a crisp idea what your message, find a succinct way to say it. You lose clarity when you pack words into a sentence. Avoid long words and unnecessary adverbs or adjectives (e.g., actually, really, very etc.)

And keep it scannable. Short sentences and single-sentence paragraphs – often called snackable content – are usually the most effective.

2. Creativity

Digital marketing allows you to give your brand some personality. Keep it authentic. Whether your brand is fun or serious, there are many creative ways to tell your story.

Push yourself to capture the audience’s curiosity with a smartly crafted message. Pair that copy with innovative insights, strong images, animations, and videos to add more interest to your story.

The digital space is a visual medium so think graphically. Support your message with an infographic to tell a complete story.

3. Connection

Connection is about understanding what your audience needs and offering a solution. Done effectively, it results in that “aha moment”  by creating a relatable, emotional connection with the reader.

Being authentic and solving challenges helps you build trust. Remember, people tend to share content they can relate to.

4. Customization

It’s not about you; your content has to resonate with your audience. Successful client relationships are built on generating genuine rapport and respect.

Engage your audience by encouraging collaboration and getting familiar with their goals and pain points. When you treat your clients as partners by inviting them to participate in your message, you’ve started a conversation that’s more likely to last.

5. Consistency

Maintaining a regular distribution schedule for your content can help build customer loyalty. They can come to rely on you as a source of information. But consistency isn’t just about providing structure; it also refers to the type of content you are offering. Are you always communicating valued information? That’s the key.

Whether you publish two blogs a week or send an email newsletter once a month, stick with it by sharing relevant content that your audience can count on. Remember, you can use metrics to figure out what resonates best with your audiences and refine your strategy from there.

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