26 MORE blog and newsletter content ideas for advisors to use

The potentially unlimited number of ideas for a blog or newsletter can stop you from even starting such a beneficial project. We can help you focus on topics that resonate with clients. How? We’ve put together a list of 26 MORE blog and newsletter ideas, giving you a whole year’s worth of content!

Find the first 26 ideas here.

27. Services overview
What financial planning (and other) services do you provide? Let your clients and prospects know.

28 to 39. Monthly market review
Stuff happens all the time, so help put things in perspective.

40. Estate planning 101
People don’t like talking about the end. But they have to, so help make it easier for them.

41. The downside of robo-advisors
Robo-advisors are on the rise but they are certainly not for everyone.

42. Financial plans vs. financial products
Novice investors could use some clarification because they often confuse and conflate the two.

43. Managing emotions
Many retirements have been compromised by panic and reactive selling and buying, so help people conserve their wealth.

44. Making insurance part of your long-term plan
Not everyone knows that protecting their assets and their loved ones is an essential part of their wealth plan.

45. Preparing for portfolio reviews
Make sure your meetings are as productive as possible by letting your clients know what to bring and what to expect.

46. How to choose an advisor
Briefly describe the key traits, skills and experience that prospects should look for.

47. Why do-it-yourself isn’t for everyone
Make sure you give a fair and balanced summary.

48. The benefits of dollar-cost averaging
Though fundamental to long-term investment success, dollar-cost averaging is not well understood.

49. Mutual funds vs ETFs
Let your voice be heard in this growing debate.

50. Long-term investing
Explain the benefits of long-term investing in a short case study.

51. Diversification
This is another fundamental of investing success that may not be completely understood.

52. Your business beliefs in action, Part 2
Finish the year where you started – by demonstrating your core beliefs as a successful advisor.

There you have it: 52 blog and newsletter content ideas. A year’s worth of content to share with your clients.

As we mentioned in our previous post, it helps to create an editorial calendar so you know what’s coming up and when you’ll need to brainstorm more ideas.

Now all you have to do is write!

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