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What we read this week: May 26, 2017

Global compliance execs invest in regtech to fight financial crime, while Canadian financial professionals push for a national fintech strategy. Also, see what happens when social media and the blockchain intersect.

Finance brands banking on social media

Consumers are demanding more than good service from finance brands – they also want great experiences. Sprinklr: 5 finance brands that lead in social media marketing

Capital One Cafés serve as a neighbourhood hub for everyday banking as well as coffee, conversation and community meetings. The human, on-the-ground approach demonstrates Capital One’s effort to make people think of banking as a friendly, non-painful experience.

Trust in robo doesn’t extend to mortgage market

Despite the increasing role of AI in our financial lives, most consumers aren’t ready for robo mortgage advice. FT Adviser: Only one in five people trust robo-advice

Social media and the blockchain

New social media networks use blockchain technology to allow users to control their data and avoid censorship. They also reward users with cryptocurrency. Nasdaq: The intersection of social media and the blockchain

Compliance execs increase regtech investment

Execs say the greatest challenges in dealing with financial crime are having enough trained staff and relying on outdated technology. Swift: Compliance executives to increase investment in RegTech as geopolitical risks heighten

The shifting geopolitical environment has created an additional layer of complexity for tackling financial crime around the world. As the political and economic landscape continues to impact international trade, data protection and tax cooperation, the need for greater transparency and more effective information sharing across borders is more important than ever.

Report: Canadian fintech policy needed

Report says Canada hasn’t kept pace with other leading fintech centres in creating a regulatory environment where fintech innovation can thrive. Canadian Underwriter: Clear, policy-driven Canadian fintech strategy needed

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