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What we read this week: May 19, 2017

Can blockchain change our social values? We also look at creating room for Chief AI Officers, how the blockchain economy could overtake the web economy and the impact of robo-advice on mortgage and pension markets.

EU studies social impact of blockchain

This report asks two big questions: Can blockchain change our social values? And is there anything policy-makers can do about it? European Parliament: What if blockchain changed social values?

Prepare for the blockchain economy

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, the blockchain economy could overtake the web economy within a few years. Computer Weekly: Blockchain economy on the horizon

Money is one area the web has not tackled in a “native” way, with most money transactions still going through banks rather than being peer-to-peer in nature. Blockchain enables transactions without the need for a third party such as a bank.

Robo-advice’s next frontier

It’s not just for wealth management. Robo-advice could have a significant impact on mortgage, pension planning and insurance markets. Deloitte: The next frontier: The future of automated financial advice in the U.K.

Making room for the Chief AI Officer

AI has the potential to transform every industry within a few years. That’s why forward-thinking companies are making room for CAIOs. The Drum: AI will change everything – even the C-suite

Like in mathematics, where we’ve seen mathematical proofs so complex that only other AIs can rigorously check every step, AI output from agencies and brands may only get proper oversight from – or in combination with – additional AI solutions.

SEC updates guidance on robo-advice, custody rule

Robo-advisors’ unique business models may raise certain considerations when seeking to comply with the Advisers Act. Sidley: SEC Publishes Important Guidance on the Custody Rule, Participating Affiliate Arrangements, Robo-Advisers, Form PF and Certain Compliance Topics

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