What we read this week: June 9, 2017

Distributed ledger technology could save the mortgage industry millions of dollars. Also, these fintech firms have solutions for real B2B problems, and the robo-advice industry is facing a serious “perception gap.”

Fintech: Not just for consumer markets

B2B fintech firms have financing solutions for buyers and suppliers and software tools that automate accounts receivable and payable. Forbes: B2B fintech investment on the rise

“[B2B payments] is such a big opportunity, and yet everybody is talking about digital wallets and retail payments,” says Matt Harris, managing director at Bain Capital Ventures. “My view is that there are so many more unsolved problems in B2B payments.”

Ledger tech and the mortgage market

Distributed ledger technology (i.e., the blockchain) could provide the mortgage industry with document security and security breach protection. HousingWire: From bitcoin to blockchain: How the new ledger tech can morph the mortgage industry

SEC seeks public comment

The Securities and Exchange Committee wasn’t public comment on conduct standards for advisors and brokers under the fiduciary rule. Financial Regulation News: SEC seeking comment on standards of conduct for advisors under fiduciary rule

Robo-advice faces “perception gap”

Almost 50% of global high-net-worth individuals would consider having some of their wealth managed by a robo-advisor, but only 20% of wealth managers think their clients would do so. Moneyweb: Turns out investors do want robo-advice… and the personal touch too

“Although financial institutions used to dictate how relationships with clients were managed, this situation is rapidly changing. Firms have to provide a platform for the client to interact with them in a way that suits their needs.”

Case study: Canadian fintech startup Koho

This fintech firm was built for people who want to access new financial products without ever walking into a bank branch. Betakit: Koho’s Daniel Eberhard says fintech success is about understanding customers’ psychology

Tips for creating e-books

Richard Heft, President and Co-founder of Ext. Marketing, shares tips on how advisors can use e-books to build credibility for their practice and to position themselves as subject matter experts. Investment Executive: Three tips for creating an e-book

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