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What we read this week: August 18, 2017

The SEC rules that initial coin offerings may count as securities. Also, U.K. fund firms seek regulatory clarity ahead of Brexit, China’s big banks lose ground to fintech and five firms take their financial marketing to the next level.

Recent developments in the blockchain

The SEC rules that initial coin offerings may count as securities, while more sectors of the economy are going crypto. Bitcoin Magazine: Is the blockchain economy ushering in a new world economic order?

“Derivatives markets are already connected to the vast global institutional trading ecosystem, and thus cryptocurrency derivatives might be a more accessible and liquid means of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies than the underlying cryptocurrencies themselves.”

The regulatory impact of Brexit

British firms ask the Financial Conduct Authority for clarity on regulatory changes as the U.K. prepares to leave the European Union. Institutional Investor: U.K. fund firms seek clarity from regulator on Brexit

In China, fintech strongly outpaces big banks

The value of third-party payments grew more than 74 times from 2010 to 2016, from US$155 billion to US$11.4 trillion. South China Morning Post: Big banks on notice that they’re losing ground to China’s fintech giants

More advisors open to robo-advice

A new study says one-fifth of financial advisors plan to launch their own robo-advice offerings, and fewer see robo-advice as a threat. Financial Reporter: 20% of advisors planning robo-advice propositions

“…it’s nevertheless interesting to see advisors remaining open to some of the opportunities presented by robo-advice. But for robos to really take off, I would argue that the word “advice” needs to be replaced with something more along the lines of “guidance.”

Next-level financial marketing

Whether they’re launching innovation labs or educational initiatives, these five firms know how to engage their audience. Content Marketing Institute: How financial services companies build relationships through content

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