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Take a look back at the regulatory changes that have taken place since 2008/09 and what they’ve achieved. Also, see how fintech is improving our financial knowledge and why robo-advice is catching on with older investors.

Regulation and recession

A look at the significant regulatory changes that have taken place since 2008/09 and the impact they’ve had on the financial system. Harvard Business Review: How the great recession changed banking

“It may feel as though the financial system hasn’t changed much in the decade since the downturn, but it has. The recession transformed investment banks and created a deep divide between banks that quickly remodeled their business and those that failed to move rapidly.”

How fintech is improving financial knowledge

Fintech is more than just a convenience. It’s also giving consumers easier access to information that allows them to make financial decisions. Forbes: Fintech innovation is driving increased customer engagement, knowledge and loyalty

Content marketing for ICOs

As more companies turn to ICOs to raise funds, marketing teams have to know how to position these offerings to attract investors. Finance Magnates: Why content marketing is instrumental for ICOs

Robo-advice catching on with older investors

Until recently, robo-advice primarily targeted underserved millennials, but now it’s gaining in popularity with older investors too. The Globe and Mail: Robo-advisors find popularity where few thought they would

“Older investors are concerned about reaching their financial goals or making their savings last as long as possible. They are the perfect audience for these platforms since the lower fees can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their savings.”

What’s in a name?

If there were any doubts about how hot blockchain tech is right now, this should put them to rest. The Economic Times: This company added the word “blockchain” to its name and saw its shares surge 394%

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