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What’s next: November 27, 2017

One fintech startup hopes to automate high-end financial planning services, while mortgage lenders continue to embrace robo platforms. Also, a lack of regulation is keeping many institutional investors away from bitcoin.

More bitcoin regulation needed?

The world’s largest wealth manager says it isn’t prepared to make portfolio allocations to bitcoin because of a lack of government regulation. My Broadband: Bitcoin’s lack of regulation is scaring off investors

“Bitcoin has also not reached the critical mass to be considered a viable currency to invest in, UBS’s Mark Haefele said in an interview. The total sum of all cryptocurrencies is ‘not even the size of some of the smaller currencies’ that UBS would allocate to, he said.”

Full-service fintech

Toronto-based fintech startup Viviplan will launch a pilot program to automate high-end, fee-only financial planning services. Investment Executive: Viviplan wins DMZ-BMO Fintech Accelerator program

Entering the world of blockchain

Here’s how today’s businesses can use blockchain to improve operations and get ahead of the competition. Forbes: How can businesses become part of the blockchain world

Defying expectations

Finance can be seen as a stodgy industry, so marketers have to push the envelope and take their content in a new direction. Content Standard: Stodgy industries, amazing stories: 5 brands using content marketing to defy expectations

“Explore how you can take a humorous spin on telling stories that your customers care about. Laughing about hard issues, while showing that you can still take them on in a smart way, can attract customers that would otherwise be put off.”

Robo-advice and mortgage markets

Mortgage lenders are already using the technology to capture existing borrowers electronically, a trend advisors may have to embrace. Mortgage Introducer: JLM: Time to embrace robo-advice

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