What’s next: November 20, 2017

A new report suggests Canadian banks are getting more serious about fintech. Plus, find out why so many financial firms struggle with social media, and what offshore wealth managers should expect in the aftermath of the Paradise Papers.

Blockchain 2.0

HPE launches blockchain as a service, offering banks and other firms the hardware they need to run their own blockchain operations. Fortune: HPE will now sell “blockchain 2.0” for cars, banks and planes

“Bitcoin transactions can take at least 10 minutes to process, as so-called miners generate a new ‘block’ and record the transfer. And Ethereum has limited capacity to handle transactions, which means it can buckle under high demand. That’s where HPE aims to come in.”

Canadian banks increase fintech investment

A new report suggests Canadian banks are getting more serious about fintech, looking beyond Canada for technologies that can help them succeed. Wealth Professional Canada: Big banks beef up Canadian fintech investment

Regulation in a post-Paradise Papers world

Offshore wealth managers may need to prepare themselves for more regulation in the aftermath of the Paradise Papers. International Investment: Wealth managers must brace for more regulation post Paradise Papers: GlobalData

Social media for finance

The finance industry is governed by a host of tough rules, which can make mastering social media a challenge. My Trading Buddy: Why social media for finance is so darn difficult

“The financial market changes at a rapid rate, and when followers are looking at your social accounts for updates and advice, this is a tremendous amount of pressure. With news breaking throughout the day, there is literally no time to take your eye off the ball.”

RBC to launch robo platform

RBC is the latest Canadian bank to launch a robo-advice platform, currently being tested by employees in a small pilot project. Investment Executive: RBC readies to launch robo-advisor platform

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