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Welcome to What’s next?, featuring articles from around the web that focus on the unprecedented change that the financial services industry is going through. Curated by the ext. team, these articles got us thinking and talking about growth, success and change.

A new blockchain database timestamps trades within nanoseconds. The CSA says many initial coin offerings qualify as securities. Also, what forex brokers need to know about content marketing for individual stocks.

The future of wealth management

A report from the World Economic Forum predicts three scenarios for the industry, which confirm what many advisors, technology vendors and industry analysts already expect. WealthManagement.com: How fintech is shaping the future of wealth management

“The success of fintechs in changing the basis of competition, as well as the increasing pace of technology, means that incumbents have the potential to improve rapidly – but also face rapid disruption going forward.”

Trading in nanoseconds

Atomic Ledger, a blockchain database tested on the Toronto Stock Exchange, timestamps trades within nanoseconds, is transparent and records time on the atomic clock. The CoinTelegraph: Blockchain tech used for nanosecond timestamp stock trades

CSA says many ICOs are securities

The regulator outlines its requirements for companies that launch and manage initial coin offerings, and the exchanges that later list those assets for trading. CoinDesk: Canadian regulators: “Many” ICO tokens meet securities definition

Marketing for forex brokers

Some brokers are starting to offer trading in individual stocks, and that means knowing how to market those stocks while complying with regulations. Finance Magnates: Every FX broker’s guide to content marketing for stocks

“When it comes to stock trading, you’re dealing with a savvy audience who understands what ownership in a company entails. They’ve likely researched stocks and have a portfolio strategy in mind. To capture their attention, you need to engage them with relevant facts, rich analysis and unique images.”

Can robo IPOs succeed?

Independent robo-advisors have continued to attract venture funding, despite the arrival of digital advice platforms from firms like Vanguard, Schwab and Fidelity. Barron’s: How likely are robo-advisor IPOs?

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