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What we read this week: April 28, 2017

You read a lot about fintech, but what exactly does the term mean? Also, find out why big banks are becoming incubators, clear up some common misconceptions about innovation and follow the race to build better AI chips.

What exactly is fintech?

The topic is interesting and so is the voice … fintech as reported by Vice. Vice: Here’s what fintech really means

A lot of people still don’t really understand what “fintech” means. That isn’t surprising – the shifts aren’t necessarily all on the surface, so it’s easier to start with explaining that the main function of financial services isn’t changing.

Innovation isn’t always disruptive

Common misconceptions about innovation … especially important for financial services marketers. Finnoworld: 3 misconceptions about innovation

Is AI the future of everything?

The biggest companies in the world are racing to create better (and more and more) AI chips. Wired: The race to build an AI chip for everything just got real

Why big banks are becoming incubators

This one’s about big banks and their innovation labs. Will independent investment managers follow? The Financial Brand: Does your bank need an innovation lab?

The goals for Axis Bank’s lab are much like Deutsche Bank. They are looking to constantly innovate and introduce breakthrough banking solutions using a two-prong approach: an in-house innovation team, and an accelerator/incubator program.

More regulation for fintech?

In the U.S., this regulatory debate may determine the future of innovation and competition in the fintech world. TechCrunch: An obscure regulatory debate has put the entire U.S. fintech community on edge

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