Monday morning briefing – January 29, 2018

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Sustainable investing, the future of finserv, high-net-worth issues, blockchain and AI updates. These are the most important stories in the financial industry. Read today’s briefing and stay on top of the changes.

Economic/industry news

International Economic Data Snapshot – includes aggregated data of the worldwide economy: Snapshot: International economic data

Canadian inflation slows to 1.9% in December: Canada’s inflation rate eases in December as gasoline prices slow

European Central Bank leaves benchmark refinancing rate at 0%: ECB keeps key rate unchanged, faces questions over euro surge

What’s in store for the financial services sector in 2018? Investment Executive analyzes its prospects for 2018: Outlook 2018: Prospects for the financial services sector  

Aligning segregated fund disclosure rules with those for mutual funds: Seg funds targeted

Here are three trends for sustainable investing in 2018: 3 Sustainable investing trends for 2018 

Addenda Capital launches one of the first domestic fixed income impact funds in Canada: Addenda introduces new fixed-income impact investing fund

BlackRock CEO’s letter opens up an opportunity for Canadian companies: BlackRock’s 6-trillion-dollar opportunity for Canada: Lead with impact

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

The British Blockchain Association, dedicated to promoting the benefits of blockchain, launched in the U.K.: The UKs first blockchain association launches at London Blockchain Week 2018

Belarus signs the decree on the development of the digital economy: Belarus legalizes ICOs, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts

Vaultbank announced the launch of its debit VB Mastercard, which supports cryptocurrency transactions: Vaultbank introduces debit VB Mastercard for everyday cryptocurrency transactions

How blockchain will support open banking: The role of blockchain in the open banking era

Bank of America Merrill Lynch launches its API gateway to give clients quick and easy access to their banking information: Bank of America Merrill Lynch launches API gateway

Delivering the personal touch through the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”): How AI can deliver the personal touch in banking

CoinSpark looking to develop a decentralized digital asset exchange, pay out dividends: New crypto exchange promises dividends to investors

AI is growing rapidly, but human logic and analysis still required in the alternative finance space: The rise of the machines v the human touch

Breaking down AI and how advisors can use it: A primer on artificial intelligence for financial advisors

What Canadian financials are saying – Polls & surveys

37% of Canadian advisors expect to increase their use of ETFs, while 31% would like more global/international ETF options (FTSE Russell): Advisors want more from ETF providers

65% of Canadians don’t engage with a professional for retirement planning, approximately 40% don’t see the benefits of investing in an RRSP (CIBC): Are RRSPs still the way to go? Many Canadians aren’t sure and don’t seek advice: CIBC poll

Over 33% of BC residents are anxious about their investments, approximately 40% of these individuals avoid reading their statements (BC Securities Commission): Anxiety a major barrier to engaging on investment fees

47% of Canadians over the age of 40, who plan on retiring on their own, worried about out-living their savings (TD): Me, myself and my retirement

51% of Canadians don’t have a last will and testament in place (Angus Reid): Half of Canadians don’t have a will: Report 

News and notes (U.S.)

Taxable bonds and international equity funds were the most popular fund categories in 2017: Funds receive record inflows in 2017

As the telecommunication services sector is renamed communication services in 2018, your sector ETFs will change: How will the GICS sector changes affect your sector ETFs?

JPMorgan enters the robo-advisor space: JPMorgan Chase powers up robo-adviser for fintech race

From contribution to deduction limits, here are some retirement savings changes: 5 changes to retirement savings for 2018

High-net-worth topics

Goldman Sachs tells high-net-worth clients to stay invested in equities: What Goldman Sachs is telling high net worth clients about the stock market

How high-net-worth individuals and families in the U.S. will be affected by the new tax reforms: Impact of new U.S. tax law on high net worth individuals, trusts and family offices

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