Monday morning briefing – February 5, 2018

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More robo-advisors coming to market, blockchain projects taking a priority, market shifts in 2018, the growing sustainable investing universe and more. These are the big financial services stories unfolding this week.

Economic/industry news

International Economic Data Snapshot – includes aggregated data of the worldwide economy: Snapshot: International economic data

The U.S. Federal Reserve Board held steady on its federal funds rate: Fed leaves rates unchanged but gives more aggressive inflation expectations

Royal Bank of Canada (“RBC”) launches pilot project to test out its new robo-advisor platform: Clients test drive RBC robo-advisor platform  

Harvest and Evolve Funds have each filed to launch a Canadian blockchain ETF: Blockchain ETFs take different approaches

3iQ granted approval by the Ontario Securities Commission and Canadian Securities Administrators to act as the first Canadian portfolio manager and investment fund manager to invest in multiple cryptoassets: 3iQ announces global cryptoasset fund

Regulation and intergenerational transfer will be key areas of focus for global wealth managers in 2018: 2018: Trends to watch in global wealth management

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

RBC opening a cybersecurity lab to research and develop tools to combat cyberattacks: RBC opening cybersecurity lab to launch robo-advisor: gets into the robo business

Use of algorithms taking over a larger share of trading volume: How big data and AI has revolutionized financial trading

Blockchain projects are a major priority for the banking industry: Bank-based blockchain projects are going to transform the financial services industry

A brief look, and the transforming effects of fintech, regtech and suptech: Fintech, regtech and suptech

According to Accenture, 33% of insurance companies are planning to use blockchain in the next couple of years: Insurers are unblocking blockchain, preparing for the future

Alibaba to take a 33% position in Ant Financial, looking to participate in the future growth of fintech: Alibaba is picking up 33% of Ant Financial, its fintech affiliate that’s valued at over $60B

What Canadian financials are saying – Polls & surveys

BMO says that there may be a shift in 2018 out of momentum and into value investing (BMO): Momentum investing will give way to new ETF trends, says BMO

58% of fixed income specialists and CIOs believe the global economy is improving (Invesco): Fixed-income investors don’t fear inflation: Invesco study

News and notes (U.S.)

Global X Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF has seen inflows of over $650 million in 2018: A robotics ETF has taken in $650 million in cash this month

Virtus Investment Partners to acquire a majority interest in Sustainable Growth Advisers: Virtus Investment Partners announces investment in Sustainable Growth Advisers

The sustainable investing universe continues to expand across mutual fund and ETF categories: Sustainable funds: More choices in more categories than ever

The hedge fund industry experienced net inflows over 2017: Hedge fund industry returns to net inflows in 2017

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase team up to improve health care for their employees: Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to partner on US employee health care

The amount of retail assets invested in institutional funds has been climbing since the end of 2012: Active managers offer institutional funds to reduce fees, according to Broadridge Financial Solutions

High-net-worth topics

Majority of high-net worth Canadians remain quiet on their estate plans with beneficiaries: Affluent Canadians not disclosing estate plans with heirs

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