Monday morning briefing – February 12, 2018

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The adoption of machine learning. The return of macro hedge funds. The ongoing absence of retirement plans. The growing appeal of direct investments. These are the financial insights that will keep you on top of things this week.

Economic/industry news

International Economic Data Snapshot – includes aggregated data of the worldwide economy: Snapshot: International economic data

The Canadian unemployment rate rose slightly to 5.9%, as jobs fell by 88,000: Canada shed part-time jobs in January

Bank of England held steady on its Bank Rate, but faster rate increases may be needed: BOE sees need for earlier rate hikes as growth outlook raised

An in-depth look at responsible investing: Refresher on responsible investing

Some reasons behind the current market decline: Were algorithms behind stock market plunge?

On the pulse – New frontiers in fintech

VersaBank, a small Canadian lender, developing an online safety deposit box for digital assets: Canada’s smallest bank is building a vault for cryptocurrencies

How machine learning is being adopted into the banking and regulator ecosystems: How banks & regulators are applying machine learning

Blockchain is more than just bitcoin, but what is its full potential: Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg: exploring blockchain’s full potential

Creating awareness, setting clear objectives and offering a safe learning environment are among the 10 lessons to successfully adopt artificial intelligence: Ten lessons from Deloitte for successfully embracing artificial intelligence

With PSD2 being instituted in the U.K. this year, banks are required to add a stronger layer of security: How PSD2 will influence the identity sector?

The SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission discuss cryptocurrencies with the Senate Banking Committee: Senate cryptocurrency hearing strikes a cautiously optimistic tone

Cybersecurity is the top priority in the EU’s Fintech Action Plan: Cybersecurity dominates EU Fintech Action Plan

TD Ameritrade expands service to allow users to research and trade stocks and ETFs through Twitter: TD Ameritrade lets users trade through twitter

Purchase some books, movies and a chequing account? Amazon may begin offering a chequing account: What if Amazon offered a checking account?

What Canadian financials are saying – Polls & surveys

90% of Canadians do not have a plan to achieve their retirement lifestyle goals (CIBC): Am I saving enough to retire? Vast majority of Canadians just don’t know: CIBC poll

59% of Canadians wish they could change at least one of their partner’s financial habits (BDO): Debt confessions: Most Canadians in a relationship are not in love with their loved one’s financial habits

Approximately 33% of Canadians are not prioritizing an RRSP contribution this year (BMO): BMO’s eighth annual RRSP study: More than one third of Canadians not planning to contribute to their RRSPs this year

News and notes (U.S.)

Quicken Loans and Airbnb partner on mortgage refinancing option: Quicken Loans, America’s largest mortgage lender, partners with Airbnb to provide new home financing option

AQR, a U.S. quantitative hedge fund based in Europe, saw significant growth in 2017: US hedge fund is Europe’s fastest-growing money manager

Macro strategies led the way as hedge funds gained 2.7% on average in January: Hedge funds had best returns in seven years before turmoil

Macro hedge fund strategies are back: Macro hedge funds rediscover their mojo

Bank of New York Mellon planning to enter the foreign exchange prime brokerage market in early 2018: BNY Mellon to launch FX prime brokerage service

64% of American workers are unaware of the saver’s credit: Almost two in three American workers don’t know about the tax credit for retirement savers

High-net-worth topics

High-net worth firms plan to increase their allocations to direct investments: High-net-worth firms to make more direct investments: Report

Income and estate planning, along with optimal tax strategies, key to accessing the high-net worth market: How to access the high-net-worth space

Marketing to the ultra-high-net worth: Tips for reaching the selective ultra-high-net-worth market

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